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Anita and Jheric were fantastic with our students – they were not only professional in their instruction and choreography, but they also displayed enthusiasm, warmth, and had fun when interacting with our kids. The overall environment created by A Star is very healthy and positive.

By the end of the week, when we were ready to perform their numbers, I barely had to offer any guidance to many of these kids, which is a testament to the high level of instruction being offered. The hip hop performance that A Star organized was a huge success. I was totally overwhelmed by how many family members and friends came to our school to see this performance. It made me quite emotional because events like this have a massive and positive impact on our community. I guarantee you that the performance will be talked about for quite some time. Everyone that was there offered comments of gratitude, appreciation, and spoke of how truly impressed they were of the performance. Parents were so proud of their kids, and some were frankly amazed at what their child was capable of. For many, it filled their hearts with happiness. Even some of our staff members who were not there for any of the classes, were blown away! It truly was a rewarding experience.

Ken Costea, PE Instructor, Thunderbird Elementary

Not only does A Star Society’s wonderful program help develop physical skills and abilities, but the program also emphasizes positive attitudes, encouragement of others, and hard work and sportsmanship.

The staff was fantastic with our students, and certainly modeled enthusiasm and care for the students. This program provides an incredible opportunity for students to excel and especially those students who may not excel in other sports.

Henry Peters, Principal, Lloyd George Elementary School

My current research explores the meaning-making processes of youth dancers, examining how they construct and invest their identities into the art that they create.

In addition, I look at how these processes correspond to and support traditional print literacy skills and success in mainstream schooling. I am finding that when youth are supported to express themselves through their preferred kinesthetic modality, that success is mirrored in increased engagement in learning overall. A Star offers our students the chance to dance that will support them in their overall academic, emotional, and social growth.

Kim Meredith, PhD Candidate, UBC Department of Language and Literacy Education

A BIG THANK YOU to you and Jheric for the amazing job you did with the kids during their week of hip hop!

We were all so impressed with how awesome each group’s hip hop dance performance was and it just got better and better! Wow… it’s incredible you were able to achieve that in 4 days! Big hugs to you and thank you again for all of your time, hard work and positive energy! The kids LOVED it and so did all the parents and staff 🙂 Wishing you all the best.

Janey Lee, Kindergarten Teacher, Thunderbird Elementary, Vancouver

Instruction was excellent, engaging and fun.

Classes were entirely geared to each grade level, by Anita’s (Perel-Panar) talented and creative teacher. Now weeks later, the kids are still dancing every chance they get!

Mr. Beach, University Hill Elementary School, Principal

The emphasis of the program has been on rhythm and movement set to music and fulfills many curricular outcomes.

And the response has been overwhelmingly positive!

Richard Zerbe, Jules Quesnel Elementary School, Principal

From April 8th to 17th, all students and staff were dancing with local and internationally acclaimed dance artist, Jheric Hizon.

Jheric along with Anita Perel-Panar led daily dance sessions for us all. Oh the fun we had! It was amazing to see how fast and well students learned the choreographed steps. Students, through their dancing, demonstrated great courage, imagination, curiosity, self-awareness, perseverance, adaptability and passion. In a very short time we had eight quite polished numbers for our two performances, which were held on Wednesday, April 17th. It was nice to see that so many parents were able to attend. There was great joy and excitement all day. There is something about dancing that just keeps you smiling and laughing! We did plenty of both!

School Principal

I just wanted to tell you how much the kids love the hip hop classes that were recently offered at University Hill.

Since they started, my daughter and her grade one friends have been hip hopping all the way from the school bus! We attended a birthday party, and hip hop dancing was the feature activity for all the kids, who ranged in age up to grade five. So thank you!

Parent Letter