School Hip Hop Workshops

Since 2006, A Star Society has delivered its School Hip Hop Workshop to close to half a million students in over 100 lower mainland schools. Designed for children from Kindergarten to Grade 12, these workshops offer a week of expert hip hop instruction, culminating in a performance that brings together the entire school community, including parents, teachers, administration, staff and classmates. With a focus on individualized attention and the enhancement of self-esteem, participants access their artistic abilities and reach their own creative, expressive, and physical potential.


The benefits of School Hip Hop Workshops go well-beyond the dance floor. Research shows that programs like these support the development of executive functions in children and youth, including creativity, cognitive flexibility, discipline, inhibitory self control, and working memory. These critical skills are correlated with success in school, work, relationships, and life. And after just four days of instruction, students are able to perform for an audience and experience success, which can lead to increased optimism and resilience.
Teachers also report using pedagogics from these workshops to recreate full participation and enthusiasm for other academic subjects. So whether you’re a student, parent, or educator, School Hip Hop Workshops can offer a fun and engaging way to develop critical skills and promote success in all areas of life.

Participating Schools

We have had the pleasure of working with the following schools:

Point Grey Secondary, Lord Byng Secondary, University Hill Elementary, Emily Carr Elementary, McBride Elementary, Tyee Elementary, West Point Grey Academy, Jules Quesnel Elementary, David Livingstone, Quilchena Elementary, L’École Rose Des Vents, St. George’s School, Sir Wilfred Laurier, Laurier Annex, Lord Kitchener Elementary, Chief Maquinna Annex, Waverley Elementary, Mount Pleasant Elementary, Lord Byng Richmond, Moberly Elementary, Sir James Douglas Elementary, Lord Strathcona Elementary, Hume Park Elementary, F.W. Howay Elementary, Coast Meridian Elementary, Norquay Elementary, Shaughnessy Elementary, Begby Elementary, Edith Cavell Elementary, Henry Anderson Elementary, Admiral Seymour Elementary, Kingsford Smith Elementary, Queen Elizabeth Elementary, Tecumseh Elementary, Dogwood Elementary, McKechnie Elementary, John Oliver Secondary, King David High School, Hastings Elementary, Berkshire Park Elementary, Lord Nelson Elementary, L’Ecole Bilingue Elementary, McRoberts Secondary, Sexsmith Elementary, Champlain Heights Annex, Moody Elementary, Kwekwitlem First Nations, Queen Mary Elementary, David Lloyd George Elementary, Porter Elementary, General Wolfe Elementary, Van Horne Elementary, Talmud Torah, Diefenbaker Elementary, Queensbury Elementary, MacNeill Secondary, L’Ecole Bilingue Elementary, Thunderbird Elementary, Lord Roberts Elementary, Steveston-London Secondary, MacCorkindale Elementary, Blessed Sacrament Elementary, MacKenzie Elementary, Collingwood Neighbourhood, Southlands Elementary, David Lloyd George Elementary, Crofton House Elementary, Livingstone Elementary, Kingsford Smith Elementary, Anne Hebert Elementary, Champlain Heights Elementary, West Point Grey Academy, Claren Academy, Bodwell High School, Trudeau Elementary, James Mckinney Elementary, Maple Grove Elementary, Stratford Hall, Annie B. Jamieson Elementary, Simon Fraser Elementary, Grenfell Elementary, Nootka Elementary, Tillicum Annex,  Dr. Weir Elementary, Lord Tennyson Elementary, Carnarvon Elementary, Tennyson Elementary, Richmond, Burnaby and Surrey School Districts and more!