Who we are

A Star Society for the Performing & Fine Arts non-profit provides exceptional community dance programs, enriching the lives of thousands of children and youth since 2009. Our programs include: school hip hop workshops; low-cost drop-ins; and bursaries for children and youth with financial need to participate in valuable dance programs. Our programs motivate students, increase self-esteem, build confidence and create community. Besides excellent training in dance, students can become empowered to actualize their potential, be socially responsible and create positive change.


The purpose of A Star Society is to advance education in the performing and fine arts by providing instruction and support to individuals in dance, music, theatre and fine arts; and advance education of the public by raising its awareness of dance, music, theatre and other artistic works through direct presentation.


Our vision is to nurture a generation of confident, creative, compassionate and innovative individuals who, inspired by the artistry of dance, become catalysts for positive change in their communities and the world.

Messages, like anti-bullying, inclusivity, and compassion, underlie all of our work. It is through the creation and presentation of meaningful messages and experiences that we influence, educate and guide our students as well as engage and enlighten our audiences.

We see a future where every young person has access to the enriching and transformative benefits of dance education.


Education in the arts is considered by leading educators to be as important as literacy and numeracy, but it is often the first to be cut from budgets.

Through the power of music and the art of dance, A Star Society nurtures the innate creative capacities of young people to cultivate life-changing attributes that inspire and empower their overall academic, personal, and professional success.

Our mission is to expand access to dance education by raising awareness of its profound benefits and seeking to increase funding for our valuable programs.


We need your help. Please consider donating, buying tickets to our events or sponsoring us.

We’ve seen a growing need each year for financial support due to inflation and the economic impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic. A Star Society supports 2800+ students per year through our school workshops, drop-ins and bursaries and spends 95% of its funding directly supporting dancers. Please view our accountant’s compilation engagement here to learn more.